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Man Repeller

Her way of looking at the world with a positive lens and mixing saturated hues is infectious. Even the most neutral-tone-favoring dressers will be swayed by clicking through seven days of Micaéla Verrelien’s style.


-Amelia Diamond



One look at her Instagram and you'd swear she lives for fashion (which, well, she totally does). And, with a vision this special, you know she's not wearing the same brands as everyone else.

-Alyssa Coscarelli

The Chill Times

This fashion maven is sure to spread good vibes and cheer with her warming social media presence. By showcasing her carefree attitude and expressing what it truly means to be yourself boldly, Verrelien has great tips on confidence via social media.

-Caela Collins


Once you realize that the only thing that can remove bad energy and darkness out of your life is when you become the light  that your soul needs you to be. Life will change dramatically because your energy will have shifted and the positive energy you always wanted will sneak up on you.

— Micaela Verrelien