New Beginnings

Well hello there......

Not sure if you were checking for me at all, but I have been on a nice hiatus since the end of last year. A lot has changed since then. The start of the new year has allowed me to have a overwhelming motivational control  when it comes to creating new content. I mean I have always been a hard worker but it’s not work ethic that I speak of, it’s creativity. I want to create original editorial content. I don’t have to wait for a publication anymore to hire me to be a model or muse in order to be a part of a editorial. I must say that I have fallen in love with the process of creating a mood board. I have also fallen in love with being able to creatively direct something and seeing that project come to life.


Speaking of coming to life, I have a mini series of photos down below featuring Famous Footwear. I wanted to take a high fashion dress and wear it in a unordinary  way. This dress is by a amazing designer by the name of Son Jung Wan. I had the pleasure of going to her FW18 show this season and now I’m wearing one of the pieces from her show, omg! Yes, I still can’t believe either. Any who, I thought this was a perfect piece to dress down. It has a beautiful curved frontal hoodie that literally told me that it was cool enough to pair sneakers with it. Yup you got that right, the dress that can talk. This is the type of outfit that you can wear to a formal event and if worn with sneakers then be prepared to be the coolest chick at the event! Keep in mind that these  awesome classic Adidas sneakers are not only comfortable, but can be worn nicely with a formal dress which is why I think it worked so well. These specific sneakers are such classics and I love them for that reason. The are the definition of  THROWBACK THURSDAY! I feel like our generation has brought everything back from the 80's and revamped it to fit our decade, and I am in love with it. 


Well that is it folks! I really missed you all and I hope you enjoyed my first of many blog post to come for 2018. Also, wait! Did you noticed that I changed the site set up? Thoughts.....Please. Do you all like it? Okay, that it, I am serious now, until next time.





Close Up.......


Outfit Details:



Paid Partnership with Famous Footwear. Thank you so much for sponsoring this post. #stepforward



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Happiness X Unhappiness-The Blue's