DIY (Do it Yourself) Special

Happy Wednesday!

I love "DIY" items because it's always original and to your liking. Personally "DIY"items come in handy for me when I am in search for something to wear but unable to find anything. You can always personalize your "DIY" item to your liking, which is awesome because you become your own designer. This particular "DIY"was an awesome pattern choker necklace and bracelet to match. This choker necklace was originally a belt from an old skirt that I cut to create a choker. The skirt that I used was a skirt that I had from high school that got a bit too short. Rather than throwing it out or giving it away, I utilized it in my favor, which is something many of you can also do. See what old clothes you have laying around the house and see how you can make the best of it. New clothes is always awesome but, old clothes revamped is just as awesome. 

Down below you will see a full video of what I decided to wear with my "DIY" choker necklace and bracelet. Also a full outfit detail of Friday's post. 

I hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you have any questions down below.

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XOXO-Micaela Verrelien 



Outfit Details:

  • Choker: DIY

  • Jacket: H&M

  • Dress:H&M

  • Shoes:

  • Earrings: Aldo 


Day Time Sunday Outfit

It's Friday!