Day Time Sunday Outfit

Happy Sunday!

Thank God we made it to a new week! I'm excited to share this outfit because it features one of my favorite oversized boyfriend button ups. I love this button up because it can be worn in so many different ways. Dressy, casual, and even sexy. However, with this particular outfit I wanted to stay causal but yet sexy. Sunday is a day for comfortable clothing so I decided to pair this button up with a nice pair of shorts. These shorts were very affordable which is always great for the pockets. To spice up this outfit I matched it with a nice pair of comfy heels. I chose brown heel because it is a neutral color that I knew would work well with a multicolored button up. If anyone is ever confused about what to wear with a dress, shirt or jeans that maybe multicolored, the best bit is to always stay neutral. Neutral colored accessories and shoes can always save the day when you simply do not know what to pair with a outfit that has a lot of colored detail I hope this small tip comes in handy for you guys! 

Down below you will see full outfit through a video clip as well as photos. All outfit details are down below.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!

Stay Blessed!

Xoxo- Micaela Verrelien


Outfit Details:

Button Up: Thrift Store

Shorts: H&M

Necklace: Gold 

Earrings: Gold

Shoes: Guess


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