Perfect Fall Vest

Happy Tuesday!

I love experimenting with my clothes. This vest is pretty long however, I was still unsure if I could actually wear it as is. I tested it out with this post and I think it worked out pretty well. This look can be pretty risky, so make sure if you try it and your heading out, add little shorts underneath. Overall, I loved this outfit. This bag is an amazing vintage bag from Italy. This bag was originally my mothers bag, but I took hahha. (P.S my mom is my fashion icon) These earrings are from this company called Rocksbox. Its a cool borrowing jewelry company.  All you have to do is set up an account, I think it's worth it. You don't get to keep the jewelry but you get to trade it in for others, which is the cool part. Let me know if you have any other questions about how Rocksbox works. 

All outfit details are down below. I hope you enjoy this post!

xoxo- Micaela Verrelien 


Outfit Details:

  • Vest: H&M Men's Vest

  • Bag: Italian Vintage 

  • Shoes: Jessica Simpson

  • Earrings: Rocksbox

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