Ripped Jeans Era

Happy Saturday Lovelies!

Life of fashion to me is about being yourself. Learn to express yourself and don't worry about blinding in. These awesome ripped jeans maybe are a bit too ripped, but I think thats why I love them so much. Fall season gives you the ability to show a little skin during the day without having to wear stockings or tights underneath. These are some really old jeans that I had laying around the house from my high school days. I decided that I can put them to use and of course I did! I love these jeans, there so edgy and unique. They are a little on the loose side, so I wanted to tighten it up with a blazer. This blazer actually has no buttons, so you wonder, how did I get this to stay? I used a safety pin! This is one of my many tricks. You are unable to see the safety pin, because the trick is you pin the jacket together from the inside, rather than out. Let me know if you guys have any questions about this DIY. 

I hope you enjoy this post half as much as I enjoyed wearing it hahahha! As always, all details are down below.

XoXo - Micaela Verrelien 



Outfit Details:

  • Blazer: H&M

  • Sunglasses: Forever21

  • Necklace: Forever21

  • Shoes: Traget


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