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Happy Sunday!

Fall is here and sweaters and jackets are the new best thing, next to food of course! This vintage jacket is nothing more than an amazing thrift store find. Fall weather is great for a mixture of summer and winter clothing., this outfit shows exactly that! I have a short skirt which somewhat resemblance's the show "clueless" style wear, which I pick up for very cheap at Forever21. Matching these two pieces can be a bit risky, simply because of the pattern blocking, but thats what makes it great! As you know by now, I love color and pattern blocking. Fashion to me is about expressing yourself, and never forget that. 

  This outfit is definitely an active but yet chill outfit. I wore this outfit during the day for an event but it can also be great if one wanted to wear it for a night time outfit as well. The only thing I would change if I wore this outfit during a night time event rather than a day time event is remove the socks and add stockings. The reason behind that is, 1. It will look nice to wear light black stockings with this outfit. 2. Fall season means beautiful weather during the day, and bundle up at night. Lastly, 3. Not everyday day outfit can be used for a night time outfit, but it can be revamped and be versatile to fit the night time theme and accommodate the weather. 

I hope this was all helpful! Let me know if you have any questions, and don't be shy to leave any comments below. As always all details are down below.

XoXo- Micaela Verrelien 


Outfit Details:

Jacket: Thrift Store

Skirt: Forever21

Shoes: H&M

Ripped Jeans Era

Happy Monday!