New Year, New Hair Who This?

So I am officially 25 years of age, and I am not too sure how I feel about it. While I think it over I think I will wear a super cute hairstyle and mini skirt to match. Wearing a white skirt in the winter is risking and something I suggest wearing only during a sunny day. I love color, so I wore this skirt with a colorful button up and comfortable olive green boots to match. With it being my birthday, I felt that an extra a pair of happy colors was something necessary. This outfit made me feel happy and I was able to wear it to brunch in the city. Keep in mind that I wore a long jacket with this look so if you do try it, make sure you are in a warm climate or wearing a long jacket in order to stay warm. Until next time.

Xoxo- Micaéla Verrelien 


Outfit Details:

Micaela Verrelien