Pattern Blocking + Hair Accessories

  Creativity and simplicity is something that I believe work hand to hand. Putting this outfit together yesterday morning was super fun yet took little to no time. I knew I wanted to wear something that had patterns becauseI heard a long time ago that patterns bring good luck,  and I was in need of some luck. I paired dark navy stripped trousers with an oversize navy jacket because they looked good together. They aren't the same color blue which I liked. Many people wouldn't dare wear these two items together because they aren't the same shade, but I told myself why not! (P.S this is a part of simplicity) Keep in mind the more we say no to wearing something we want, the less we are able to express ourselves through our fashion choices. With that being said, I knew I needed a pop of color because you all know I love color lol so I decided to wear a mustard top that has really cool blue shapes which I thought would complement the two navy pieces that I already chose to wear. I was in love with this outfit once I put it on but I felt like it needed one more thing. Cool hair style anyone? If you all follow me via Instagram you can all see that I have been experimenting with my hair for the last few weeks. I guess this is what 25 has done to me. I hope you all like it, it's fun but yet not too overwhelming. Shoot me an email if you do try this outfit or this hair style, I'd love to know, until next time.


Xoxo- Micaéla Verrelien


Outfit Details:

Micaela Verrelien