Mini Velvet

I know that winter is a pawn us, but I just had to wear this mini dress. It's okay, I will just be "that girl". You know the one. The one who really doesn't care about the temperature and just chooses to wear anything she wants. This outfit is so fun and I wore one of my favorite coats with it, i don't see the harm (small laugh, don't judge)  If I really wanted to I could have worn stockings with this outfit and simply switch my strappy sandals into knee high boots, which is totally something you can do. The dress I am wearing is from Asos and it is super comfortable. For a mini dress, it really did not rise with each and every step that I made. I'm sure you know the type of mini dress I'm talking about. Any-who....I love this outfit and per usual it was super colorful and expressed how I was feeling, which was happy because it was the weekend. I 'll have all details of this outfit down below. Have a great week everyone!

Xoxo- Micaéla Verrelien 


Outfit Details:

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