Sol Blume, What’s that?

Sol Blume, What’s that?

This weekend I spent my time in Sacramento California for the first ever Sol Blume music festival. Mentally I was in a great space. I was ready to have fun, eat great food, and listen to amazing music. Crazy enough I was able to accomplish all three and on top of that I met so many new and cool people.

We drink, we laughed, and we sang along to many of our favorite artist such as Jhené Aiko, The Internet, Nao, and Gold Link.

I was lucky enough to have a VIP pass and I’d say it was worth every penny. The VIP lounge was hosted by an amazing restaurant called (insert Mexican restaurant). I’m not the biggest fan of Mexican food but boy was the food good! The drinks were solid portions and all this made for a great night.

After all the VIP lounge fun I made my way to the stages where all my favorite artist were performing. Each of them exceeded my expectation. Their energy was high and each of them engaged with the crowd which I loved. If you were to ask me if I would attend another Sol Blume event, I would like to give you a hard yes. I truly enjoyed myself and it was just the right pick me up that I needed.

Take a look of all the fun I had down below, and make sure to check out my Instagram feed for a few live videos.

Until next time.


Micaéla Verrelien




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