Natural Hair Girls and Hats?

I love hats but as a natural hair girl I can't just go around wearing hats each and everyday. Fist off, my hair has to be calm enough to actually fit a hat. First day wash n go's which is what I have down below is the best bet; for me anyway. Oh YES I forgot to mention I cut my hair lol. I apologize for not mentioning this before, but for those of you who follow me on social media I am sure you have already witnessed the new cut and more. This cut has given me courage and confidence to put myself even more out there. I started acting class last week and that felt like step one to getting me to where I would like to go. Dreams don't wait for anyone you have to go out and catch it; and that is exactly what I plan on doing.


  The outfit that I am wearing down below is something that could be worn to a super chill event that your ex-boyfriend will attend. (Literally Laughing Out Loud) I am just kidding, I only mention that because it is actually an outfit that is chill but has a lace top which shows skin. Chill enough that it looks like you didn't try too hard, but sexy enough that will catch someone's attention. If your looking to show off for whatever reason, this top is for you. I chose to wear nothing underneath this lace top simply because I just was in the mood for not caring. Im not sure what's going on, I think that this new hair cut has taken over me. Technically, I would have still worn this top to be honest with y'all, but I'm just trying to blame this haircut for everything lol. Any who, I would suggest wearing something underneath this beautiful lace top if you are not wearing a jacket like I have on down below and if you are too shy to be a tad bit bare In front other humans of this world.  Head out to a chill Friday night dinner with friends and have a good time while feeling relaxed but yet sexy. I hope you give this outfit a try, I know it is a bit risky, but sometimes in fashion you have to take a risk, I mean why not? Any who, have a great rest of your week beautiful people, email me if you have any questions.


Xoxo- Micaéla Verrelien


Micaela Verrelien