Mustard Mini Skirt?

   A high waisted mini skirt is never a bad idea. Skirts like this are a great because you can always work around them. You can wear a long sheer top with it (which is pretty trendy) or a short length top, like I am wearing down below. I purposely wore this denim top with the mini leather skirt because I wanted to mix textures. This outfit was very simple, notice I am not even wearing jewelry. However, I think the mix of textures and a pair of statement shoes can help a simple outfit look not so simple. As it gets a bit warmer out, I am not sure you will want to wear leather but definitely try this look for a summer date night. It is fun, simple, and chic. A nice chill summer night gives us the ability to wear a lot of things that we can't wear during the day. Give it a try, and email me if you have any questions, until next time.


Xoxo- Micaéla Verrelien



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Micaela Verrelien