Going Home* Is the Get Away

    This past long weekend I had the opportunity to head back home to Massachusetts. The cool clean air felt nice, and seeing my close family and friends felt even better. One thing about growing up in a small town is that nothing too major really changes. Some of us may think that's a bad thing but in my case I actually love it! Living in NYC where things change constantly, going home for a few days of slow motion felt great. I was even able to shoot a few of my favorites pieces down below and I didn't have the entire New York interruption. You know, tons of people walking into your photos heheheh yes it's a bit overwhelming trying to shoot in NYC many times but we all still do it, and we live for those AMAZING yellow taxi cab shots, at least I know I do. Well, this was not that lol this was that Massachusetts green grass, blue river water, and empty swirly roads where fisher men come and drive by every 20-25 min to see if they are going to catch anything nice for dinner type of shoot. I hope this doesn't bore you too much, to be honest I'm sure you all would really enjoy a nice sound of a chirping bird in the morning once in a while rather than a loud bus or cop car siren. It just feels like peace actually exists, even though we know a lot is happening in the world but it's a nice little get away. P.S: We all need one of those. I hope you enjoy the photos down below and check the links down below to see what I am wearing, until next time.

Xoxo- Micaéla Verrelien


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Micaela Verrelien