Girly Dresses?

 We all need that one cute girly dress in our closet. The dress that I am wearing down below is definitely one of them. It is slightly above the knee and I guess you could say it's the perfect dress to meet you significant others family in lol. Keep in mind that is not what I was going to do, I just think it's one of those dresses. Also, even though this dress is a dark navy color, it is very much a spring friendly dress. I wore white sandals to bring out the spring vibe, and of course allow the limited white designs on the dress to pop! I wore this pretty dress last Sunday while exploring Brooklyn with my fellow blogger friend @lululiden and my friend @yoel who is down below sitting pretty with me. It's a must buy, and not to mention it is on sale! All links for what I'm wearing will be down below. Email me of you have any questions, until next time.


Xoxo- Micaéla Verrelien


Micaela Verrelien