Spring Floral's

 The first day of spring was yesterday and I am more than happy to allow this season into my life. Spring season is the season that alerts us to know that summer is coming. Spring fashion is the best because I for one believe that it gives us the "Ok" to wear floral. So for my first spring post I wanted to take a few shots of this amazing floral silk outfit. This outfit made me feel like sleeping beauty. Not necessarily the princess lol but just because it has the pajama feel but yet it is so fashionable to wear out to a hot brunch date on a Sunday. I paired this outfit with velvet shoes to allow the small red on the suit to stand out. The shoes gives this outfit an old fashion look and to top it off I am wearing these amazing 90's inspired glasses from Tnemnroda. These sunnies are so affordable and with my discount code:"MICAELA15" you can grab a pair for even less money. I'm sure this outfit is just what you need for a cute Sunday brunch so I hope you give it a try, until next time.

Xoxo- Micaéla Verrelien

Micaela Verrelien