Flying High

  Faux Fur has literally become such a hot commodity. It's fun and it looks great on everyone. Something special about the faux fur that I am wearing down below is the amazing shades of the blue. I felt like I was wearing a deep blue sky and my arms became my wings and I could fly any where I wanted. I wish that were the case but the feeling alone was rewarding. While choosing this outfit I originally wore all blue however I changed my mind last minute. Last minute changes aren't always bad, and in this case I think it was a great idea. Instead of wearing blue trousers I decided to wear blush colored silk trousers that gave me a pop of color. I felt like I needed a pop of color. Being able to express myself is by far my greatest blessing in this world. My mood was I can fly and I shall do so while wearing cute blush trousers. This outfit made me feel free and youthful. So free that I decided to add multiple bobby pins in my hair. Not sure what I was doing, but after seeing the amazing Hidden Figures movie I felt that it would be great idea to channel Janelle Monae. Nonetheless, she is the queen of amazing natural hair styles. I loved my hair and my outfit, and to me this was a perfect outfit to head out to any event in the city. Keep in mind that faux furs do get a tad bit warm depending on how heavy it is. I hope you all try this look! Love you, until next time.



Xoxo- Micaéla Verrelien




Micaela Verrelien